About Me

I teach the Day 1 Yoga method and non-traditional ashtanga yoga to create a practice suited to each individual. I focus on helping people create functional movement patterns, address chronic pain, build physical and mental strength and flexibility, and learn skills they may not have thought possible. There are no physical prerequisites to begin to practice, just a willingness to start.

I began practising ashtanga yoga in 2006 while working in the London media industry, and found that a regular practice brought me balance, perspective and happiness. I studied with many ashtanga teachers including Manju Jois, David Swenson, Paul Dallaghan, Graeme Northfield and Ryan Spielman with whom I did my first teacher training in 2010.

The first decade of my journey as a yoga teacher included the birth of my two children, and this gave me new insights into the difficulties of maintaining the discipline of a regular practice with the demands of parenthood, as well as an understanding of how helpful that practice can be. Over time my ashtanga practice and teaching adapted to the ways in which my own needs changed. I started to realise that as I age the most beneficial approach for me and many of my clients in midlife is a focus on building strength to fight the decline in muscle mass as we age, manage fluctuating hormone levels through regular exercise, and focus on learning new skills to bring joy.

In 2020 I started practising the Day1Yoga method with Day Christensen, being drawn to the physicality of her handstand practice, her inspiring attitude, and her methodical approach to treating students’ pain and dysfunctional movement patterns. Her method helped me address dysfunctional movement patterns of my own, and achieve handstand skills that I had not thought possible. I joined her first teacher training program and became a Day1Yoga coach at the beginning of 2023. I am the only DAY1YOGA qualified coach in the UK.