What I Offer

I teach non traditional Ashtanga yoga and yoga fitness drills. I believe your ashtanga yoga practice should be tailored to your individual needs and situation in life. I love to work with people on a one to one basis to create a practice that fits in and supports their life and their goals.

Practising yoga fitness drills with me involves the DAY1YOGA method. Practically this involves body weight strength training, focussed stretching and high-intensity interval training. I love handstands and find working towards specific handstand skills is a great way to work on upper body strength, cultivate a steady mind and strong focus. You do not need to be able to handstand to join any classes – handstands are just one skill you can choose to work on if you wish.

Yoga fitness drills help you develop the specific techniques and strength needed to fast track your existing yoga practice, and nail those skills that have been eluding you.

Working with clients on a one to one basis I often start with offering a free postural assessment to uncover any existing imbalances that may be causing pain. Based on the postural assessment and only if needed, I write individual short daily routines for clients to do in their own time outside of our regular sessions to address pain and/ or disfunctional movement patterns. I aim to help people find a physical movement practice to help them achieve their goals and optimise health, vitality and joy.

I work with clients one-to-one in their home or mine or on zoom. I run a weekly yoga fitness drills classes online and an in person group ashtanga class in SW13. All my other sessions are private one to one sessions either in person or on zoom, contact me for current class and private session availability.

MONDAY YOGA FITNESS DRILLS – On zoom 12noon. 45 mins class. Contact me to join! claire@yogaclaire.com

TUESDAY ASHTANGA – Central Barnes SW13, 9.00am – 10.30am Contact me for more information.

THURSDAY YOGA FITNESS DRILLS – On zoom, 6.30pm, 45 mins class. Contact me to join! claire@yogaclaire.com