I experienced chronic back & neck pain after a surfing injury fifteen years ago & since then have tried many different medications, treatments & exercise/yoga programs. I am really impressed with the Yoga Fitness Drills Program; since starting 8 months ago I have not needed to use any pain medication nor had to visit the Osteopath. My personalised daily therapeutic stretching program makes a big difference in helping me manage my body/injuries in between surfs & rehab postural issues. The twice a week drills classes have built my strength/cardio levels benefiting my surfing & I notice increased energy/wellbeing after taking part in the sessions alongside hugely reduced pain/stiffness levels. Every week I look forward to taking part in the live drills classes & it didn’t take long for me to start seeing an improvement in my drill skills & reduction in injury issues. Claire’s knowledge & experience mean that not only is each drills session interesting & varied building on skills week by week but it is also personalised to any injury or issues I may be experiencing that week with modifications/alternative exercises/stretches given as & when needed. I would highly recommend the Yoga Fitness Drills Program for anyone looking for a therapeutic fitness program that is effective, fun, easy to access & implement into their daily routine.

Ceri – Yogi and Surfer

I began practicing Ashtanga Yoga with Claire after the birth of my first child in my early 30’s. Back then Ashtanga served me by helping me understand my body and calm my mind. I continued practicing throughout my subsequent pregnancy and with various minor injuries and strains. Claire is so knowledgeable; she helps me adapt my practice to suit my bodies changing needs.  Recently I have added Claire’s Yoga fitness drills to my weekly routine, and it has significantly improved my strength, gives me a huge sense of achievement and I can now practice handstands with my 8 year old daughter! 

Clare Mullane

About a year ago, my neighbour invited me to Claire’s yoga class. What luck!  I had such back pain at the time that I could hardly move. Thanks to Claire, that’s a thing of the past!  Claire has the gift of responding to me personally, paying attention to my body, adapting the yoga exactly to me and thus enabling me to build up strength and flexibility and at the same time be sure not to injure myself. She encourages me without overtaxing me.  I am so happy about my successes and Claire is happy for me. I really enjoy the friendly and warm atmosphere in her yoga classes and always look forward to the next class.


I must represent the ultimate challenge for Claire being both in my 80’s and idle.
It is a tribute to Claire that she manages to address both of these challenges with an infectious verve and enthusiasm. I don’t know how she does it but she overcomes the “idle” challenge by making you want to press on and feel your making progress.
The improvement in personal health and fitness, which after all is the objective, is impressive and after some months under Claire’s supervision I can feel the difference. I have lost excess weight and feel a lot more alive. My measure is a comparison with my peer group, and I am one of the few of them that can still climb
hills without having to pause for breath every so often, and climbing 2 or 3 flights of stairs presents no problems at all. I look forward to still being under Claire’s expert
eye when I’m in my 90’s and still active!


As a lifelong surfer, I was convinced that surfing was the best, and only, form of exercise I needed. How wrong I was! After 6 months of following Claire’s drills programme on line, with regular in person sessions, I am amazed at how my strength, fitness and stamina has improved meaning I can surf for longer and catch more waves. Also the usual surfer niggles with shoulders and lower back have gone, and as someone who could never touch their toes, we’re now well acquainted. The physical goals keep it fun. I’d highly recommend Claire’s drills programme to anyone who wants to improve their fitness, flexibility and strength.

Chris N Author

I practiced ashtanga for over a decade through my thirties and into my forties until it hit that point where the physical cost and recurring back issues outweighed the benefits. I’ve been working with Claire for the last 6 months following her drills programme – which has that same focussed physicality, progression and mental head space which I loved in yoga. The difference is that this programme is tailored to me, my needs and my body, meaning that I feel stronger and fitter and am ultimately pain free and able to push myself more, in all aspects of life.

Demi T, Writer, Producer, Festival Director